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Thank you for your work and for your products. My son had severe allergic reactions (eczema) to Infant milk made from cow's milk. The pediatricians couldn´t help us, they gave my son corticoid treatment, but then I spotted Goattiny infant milk, after this milk my son's face and body skin healed. He has been without eczema for two months now and even loves your Goattiny Porridge. Thanks again for your products.

Mum Bára, Facebook

My daughter has a light form of CMPA (Cow’s milk protein allergy), but I was still a little worried to introduce her Goattiny milk. As I see it there was no reason. Goattiny infant Goats milk conforms her.

Mum Martina, e-mail

We have bought Goattiny porridge for my 10 months old son and he really likes it. We tested all flavors in single portions and finally bought a Pumpkin and a peach and a Blueberry, which he likes best 🙂

Mum Jana, Facebook

Thank you MyKETO for changing my life… I already lost 40 kg this year.

Petra, Facebook

It has been almost one month since I started with MyKETO and I already lost 8.5 kg and 9 cm around the belly.

Thank you Jitka, Facebook

It has been 6 months since I started with MyKETO. I started on weight 82.6 kg and now I am 69.5 kg. I still plan to lose few more kilos, hopefully it will work. Whoever hesitates, go for it. It´s worth a try. Especially for me it’s perfect, because I don´t do any sports.

Denisa, e-mail