• Goattiny milk

    Premium infant goat milk. Goattiny milk is made from full cream goat milk without cow's ingredients. Goattiny milk is easily digestible, it contains DHA (milk 1 and 2) and all the important vitamins and minerals for the proper growth and development of our little ones. Nutrition based on goats milk proteins is the most natural for a baby after breast milk, very easily digestible and also suitable for the sensitive bellies of infants and toddlers. Goats milk has lower allergenic potential than cows milk.

  • Goattiny premium porridges with goat's milk

    Delicious and healthy porridges for your little ones, with full cream goat milk contain the highest quality cereals and selected kind of fruits. Gluten-free Goattiny porridges - suitable as the very first solid food. Goattiny porridges with gluten - best when introducing gluten into the diet or for older children. Patented in Czech. Suitable for babies from the end of the 4th month of age. Made with love and care for the health of babies. No artificial coloring, flavoring, preservatives, no palm oil and no added sugar.

  • Organic teas and organic drinks for children, nursing mothers, pregnant and for adults

    BABIO - a range of children's drinks and teas in organic quality

    BABIO has an excellent, very delicate taste and aroma. Enjoy with your children 100% full taste of organically grown fruit and herbs. Organic drinks are enriched with organic fiber and lactose (which occurs naturally in breast milk). In addition to a number of quality certificates and eco-seals, the BABIO range is also certified by a positive assessment by the Czech Pediatric Society.

    Tea and Drinks
  • MyKETO

    Discover the way to lose weight permanently, without fatigue and exhaustion. Enjoy a delicious protein foods and drinks without artificial flavors, dyes, glutamate, palm oil and GMO ingredients. MyKETO hides more benefits than you can imagine. With MyKETO you can strengthen your health, balance your diet, and above all, gain a dream body, thanks to ketosis.

    MyKETO – váš partner a rádce na cestě za zhubnutím
  • Maxi proteins

    A new line of functional proteins not only for athletes. 5 types of highly functional proteins specially developed each for a different purpose, vegan protein, multifunctional protein with BCAA, post-workout regeneration proteins, night protein. With MCT oil and vitamin D.

    Maxi proteins
  • Rose collagen, skin care

    Refreshing instant collagen drink for deep nutrition and skin rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid, collagen and herbal extracts. Healthy and beautiful skin without wrinkles and cellulite. Care of yourself.

    Růžový kolagen, péče o pleť
  • ORS and food supplements

    Oral rehydratation solution for diarrhea / vomiting / fever for infants, children and adults. Unique product range of food supplements such as probiotics, imunity support, weight management. All products are made with the strength of natural components and exceptional quality of processing.

    ORS Rehydratation